Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review - "The Game": Are You Ready To Play?

The Game

Players: 1-5
Playing Time: 20 Minutes
Age: 8+
Suggested Retail: $19.99

Can you beat "The Game"?  Working together, players play cards from their hand to any of the 4 piles.  But be careful!  You might just mess up another player!  The Game is the 2015 winner of the Spiel Des Jahres.

The Goal:

Work together to play all the cards.

The Setup:

Shuffle the deck of cards numbered 2 to 98.  Create 4 piles, to ascending piles starting with the two "1" cards and two descending piles starting with the "100" cards.  Deal cards to each player.

The Play:

Each player MUST play at least 2 cards from their hand in any of the 4 piles.  Each card played must following the ascending or descending type of pile, with one important exception, if you can play a card that is EXACTLY 10 different than the card currently on the top of the pile, you can back the pile up.  This becomes a huge part of the game.  After playing, draw cards from the draw deck back up to your hand size.

When the draw deck is gone then players are only required to play 1 card from their hand.

During play, player may communicate, but they may not discuss specific card values.  For example, a player could say "I REALLY like that pile, please do not play on it."  However, the player could not say "I have the 28 and 29, please do not play on the pile."

Game End:

When the last card is played the players win.  If any cards cannot be played, then the game wins.


"The Game" is a fun, fast card game.  I was a bit surprised how hard it is to actually beat "The Game" without cheating on the communication rules.  It is really easy to say things you shouldn't.  We've played "The Game" with 2, 3, and 4 players and it works well with all these group sizes.

The only negative thing about "The Game" is it is next to impossible to find anything about it online.  Just try Googling "The Game Rules" and just try to find out anything about "The Game".  However, it is definitely worth searching out!

Overall, I give "The Game" a 7 out of 10.  This is not a game hard-core gamers will play more than a time or two, but fans of lighter games will love it!.  "The Game" is a game fans of Five Crowns, Quiddler, and TENZI would probaly love!

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